Cricket Rules You Must Know

Cricket is the national sport of Australia, but it is played all over the world and loved by everyone. Every country has its own cricket teams and they all play nationally and internationally both. For Indian kids, Indian cricket team players are their heroes. From street boys to the players in the stadium everyone enjoys this game.

As you know that in every game there are few rules based on that rule only all the sports are played according to these rules only. Talking about the cricket rules then this sport is very exciting and with these rules, only the rest of the match is continued. 

The rules of cricket are not complicated, it is easy and people, as well as players, can understand it easily. Cricketers are like stars for the kids and cricket fans, whenever a cricket match is scheduled people and cricket fans become excited and enjoy each over of the match. 

Number of players

Many people get confused about the number of players playing in a cricket match. There are a total of 22 players who play in cricket; it means there are just 11 players in one team. At one time from the batting team, only one player plays in a field, but from the fielding team, all players play and field at once. 

One over 

In cricket, there are a few over like 20 over and 50 over, and in each over there are 6 balls. There are two kinds of over like 20 and 50 overs, according to the match these overs are also changed like in IPL, world cup, and all. 


Out in Cricket

This is the most interesting part of the sport and all the players must know about it. There are many methods by which a player can be out; this is the reason why it is important. LBW is leg before wicket, it is when a ball hits the leg of the batsman. 

Another thing is when the batsman hits the ball it’s in the air and the fielder catches it, it is also considered as out it is a very interesting wicket-taking rule. 

Then comes another out-taking rule which is easy and simple when the baller throws the ball and it hits the wicket then it is completely out. Normally, this wicket-taking looks simple but it doesn’t happen normally because now players have become attentive. 

Other general rules

Other than these main rules there are more simple and basic rules in cricket like there are a total of 11 players in cricket. Before starting the match first there is arranged a toss between two teams. The team which wins then decides if they have to bat or ball. If the ball hits out of the boundary then it’s a six and if the ball hits only the boundary then it’s a 4. Before starting any match, like if the match is between two countries then the national anthem of each country is played.