The origin of cricket in India

The expansion of cricket in India is considered to be more than any other sport and cricket in India gets more popularity than any other sport. Today cricket has become the most played sport in India.  Cricket is not only the most played sport in India but it is also the most played and popular sport in the world. Talk about the introduction of cricket in India, then cricket was not originally introduced to the people of India, but due to the way this game was played, people of Indian origin also liked it and this is how cricket started in India. 

Around the 18th century, when merchants of European origin used to play a game like a cricket in India for their own entertainment as well as trade, it is at the same time that cricket started in India and cricket started to be played in India. In view of the popularity of cricket, India’s first cricket club was established in India in 1792, and in the same way, many international cricket matches were also organized in India, in which soon India was given the category of International Test match, in view of the best performance of the Indian cricketer.  Which was a much better and bigger start for India’s coming future. India played its first international match at Lord’s Cricket Ground in England, which is considered to be a historic match of India because it was the first time that a country like India which was completely new to cricket could play its match on an international cricket field. 

Indian players like CK Naidu not only laid the foundation of cricket in India but also brought a revolution of cricket in India, due to which cricket got respect in the province of India and with this a better start of cricket in India Cricket today our home if there is any reason for every child to reach home, then we can only attribute it to CK Naidu. 

Although the start of the Indian cricket team was very weak, in 1970, the Indian cricket team emerged in front of everyone as a great cricket team in front of the whole world, and in 1983, by winning the Cricket World Cup, the biggest title in India’s cricket history registered its name in golden letters.  And since then, India became a better identity in the cricket world and India’s name became known throughout the cricket world.

In the coming times, India won many titles under the captaincy of the best captains like Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni and always kept the head of the Indian cricket team proudly high and the name of the Indian team always better than the best in the cricket world. Such was the history of Indian cricket, in which many times the Indian cricket team had to face defeat, but under the guidance of good captaincy, the Indian cricket team improved itself, and today in front of all of us, the Indian cricket team is the better team of the whole world.